Acme Medical Billing Service Agreement

Our team will work on a unique billing strategy that will allow you to see maximum results through new billing and valuation processes. Before you give yourself a sample of a medical billing contract, you should know that all medical billing contracts are similar… No one is the same. CONSIDERING that the client wishes to retain ACME to provide claims settlement and claims services, with ACME filing insurance rights with public and commercial companies in electronic and paper law on behalf of the client; [Option 1 – if the counterparty is to return or destroy all protected health information after the termination of the contract] Copy of another person`s contract/contract!!! 13. The client undertakes to keep ACME unscathed and damaging to all damages or penalties imposed by ACME and any legal fees incurred by ACME in the defence of such an action resulting from the client`s inability to provide ACME with accurate and accurate billing and claims information. [The parties may add additional specificity with respect to the counterparty`s obligations with respect to medical counting, z.B a stricter period for the counterparty in order to report a possible violation to the company concerned and/or whether the counterparty will deal with injury notifications to individuals, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and possibly the media on behalf of the company concerned.] Even if you are an experienced holder of a medical bill, you should have a good contract that protects your business interests in the event of a dispute. [The parties may add additional specificities to the way the counterparty responds to an access request that the counterparty receives directly from the person (for example. B if a counterparty is to give the requested access or if the counterparty transmits the person`s request to the entity concerned to respond to it) and the time within which the counterparty transmits the information to the company concerned.] ADDENDUM TO SERVICE AGREEMENT FULL REIMBURSEMENT MANAGEMENTThis additional contract changes the terms of the service contract between Acme Medical Billing LLC (`Acme`) and Dr. John Doe (`customer`). [Optional] The covered company cannot ask the medical billing counterparty to use or disclose protected health information in a manner that would not be authorized by Part E of 45 CFR Part 164 if this is done by an insured company. [include an exception if the counterparty uses or discloses protected health information and the agreement contains provisions relating to data aggregation, management and management, as well as the legal responsibilities of the counterparty.] [Option 2 – where the agreement authorizes the counterparty to use or disclose protected health information for its own management and administration, or to exercise its legal obligations, and the counterparty must retain protected health information for such purposes after the termination of the contract] 11. The client understands that ACME relies entirely on the claim and billing information provided by the customer for the preparation and filing of insurance claims for payments on behalf of the customer.

The customer guarantees and assures that all these claims and billing information are completely correct and truthful. When an investigation is initiated or when a person, company or corporation takes legal action in respect of one of the claims filed by ACME on behalf of the client, the Client agrees to participate fully in such an investigation or act and provides all relevant supporting documentation to support the claims filed. 8. For the duration of this medical settlement contract, the client will not use the services of other damage treatment companies and will allow ACME to process all customer insurance claims with the government and commercial companies.

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