Certification Agreement Deutsch

The inspection report, along with other data and information, is forwarded to the Natural Land Certification Committee. The certification committee decides on the certification of the operator`s natural lands and the annual renewal of the certification after the annual inspection of each year. The committee`s decision is communicated to the company by the letter of certification. In case of non-compliance with the standards, the certification letter may also include the conditions that must be met for the continuation of certification. The Global Coffee Platform and the Rainforest Alliance signed a partnership agreement today [November 8, 2018] … The signature certification fee is based on the value of the transaction for which the document is required and is between €20.00 and €250.00. The fee is converted to AUD after the daily exchange rate. The German Embassy in Canberra and the Consulate General in Sydney also accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only). Please note that fees are charged in euros and can therefore be charged by credit card.

The minimum age of applicants is 14. All applications must be submitted in person by the person subject to the certificate; No representative (including a lawyer) can apply. Applications must contain the applicant`s personal data and be signed by the applicant in person. The application and signature must be officially certified; This can be done by any German embassy or consulate or by a notary. The certificate of signature is accompanied by a fee of EUR 20 (payable in AUD). Inspiring Stories and Insights of the UTZ Certification Program As of March 16, 1995, Australia became a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The legalization or certification of public documents in Australia (for example. B, birth, death and marriage certificates, notarial law) by German representations is no longer necessary for the presentation of these documents to the German authorities. Instead, an apostille from Australia`s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in accordance with the above agreement, is sufficient for the German authorities.

In return, German certificates are recognized by the Australian authorities when they are coated with an apostille from the German competent authority. In the event of an agreement on future cooperation, Naturland will order an independent and accredited monitoring body to inspect the establishment or organization. Before the planned inspection, the operator must contact the auditor and enter into an audit contract. Generally, these are inspections and certifications under this organic regulation. The operator may require a quote for the inspection. An in-depth inventory of the operation is carried out covering all aspects of management, cultivation, raw materials, documentation, harvesting, development and export. Depending on the size and complexity of the operation, the inspection may take one to several days. The inspector will conduct his assessment of the operation, including his recommendations to Naturland as a certification body. The results of the inspection are recorded in writing in the inspection report. The company/company has the opportunity to comment on the report.

After all the formalities have been successfully completed, Naturland will issue its contractor with a letter of certification and a certificate certifying the operator`s approval as a Naturland-certified company/company. The company/farm receives, with the certificate and the letter of certification, the production contract signed by Naturland and thus becomes a member of the Association of Natural Lands for Organic Agriculture. From that date, bio-organic transaction certificates (OTCs) may be issued for individual shipments/sales at the operator`s request.

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