Iamaw 1751 Collective Agreement

Dear Members, Please take note of the following newsletter, Dear Members, please note the following newsletter, `Bulletin 007 NOMINATIONS;` WORKSHOP DEPARTMENT AIR CANADA MAINTENANCE- APPOINTMENTS; SHOP COMMITTEE MAINTENANCE DIVISION… aimta1751.ca/bulletin-007-nominations-comite-datelier-departement-maintenance-air-canada/ The draft points of the new agreement are: the improvement of premiums to $1.10 for the evening shift and $1.35 for the night shift. safety shoes paid twice a year by a CIB (Cola) at 100%, with an improvement (increase) in the rate (0.066 instead of 0.135) salary increase: 0%; 1.0% and 1.5% duration of the collective agreement: from 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2012 Maintaining and improving the type of retirement. Increased payment for long service condition to 10,, Number of payment passports to 120, percentage improvement for revenue for surviving spouse addition of a 5th day floating Yves Raymond Business Rep. A sigh of relief for the 450 unionized workers at GE Hydro in Lachine: the company, which had planned to close the doors at the end of June, was sold to an Austro-finn group and are ready to continue manufacturing activities. This is a happy conclusion, acknowledged yesterday the union representative in the case, Denis Longtin. GE Hydro announced in September 2007 that it was closing its proposed turbine plant closure near Highway 20. However, in recent weeks, the union has been informed that negotiations with potential buyers have been positive. Finally, two buyers completed the transaction with GE Hydro-Andritz Va Tech Hydro (Austria) and Metso (Finland). The plant will specialize in the manufacture of crushers and refraction cylinders for mining.

The new owners met the workers. We learned that Metso will take care of the plant, and now Andritz will focus on laboratory and research and development, as said Denis Longtin, representative of District 11 companies of the Machinists Union (IAMAW-QFL). 30 – hourly wages Workers paid up to $30 an hour – have an average of 45 years. These are good jobs. “We expect the new owners to give new energy to the old building (the plant was built in Lachine more than 89 years ago),” the union leader said. The terms of the agreement between GE Hydro and the new owners will remain confidential. The transaction is expected to be 100% complete by the end of August. We recall crypt GE Hydro had announced, is employed, 250 at the plant, that it would cease operations after the expiry of the contracts of hydroelectric turbines. Hydro-Qubec GE Hydro, owner of the U.S. General Electric Group, produces more than 50% of the turbines for Hydro-Qubec for James Damm Bay.

The plant also built hydroelectric turbines for China (the center of Trois-Gorges) and California. Business representative Denis Longtin said it was partly Hydro-Qubec`s decision to do business with Brazil and Mexico (for the turbines that caused the loss of the Lachine plant. We could question hydro-Qu├ębec`s state-owned attitude in relation to Brazil, when our factories have all kinds of difficulties, as the head of the union concluded Members of Local Lodge 1660 accept a new agreement with ABB Lachine December 2008, Members of Local Lodge 1660 were called to an extraordinary meeting to vote on ABBine offers after the presentation and declaration by the bargaining committee of the employer offers, members were called to vote secretly on these offers. MEPs accepted the new agreement by a margin of 88%. Significant changes in the collective agreement: A three-year salary increase agreement of 3% per year, the 9% for the duration of the bonus contract signing new classification “fitter“ creating a summer 3 day sick schedule paid at 80% (If unused days days are paid at 130%) I commend the negotiating committee for its work.

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