Nape Agreement

President Jerry Earle says the deal contains pay increases as well as some improvements to the language of the contract. NAPE has entered into a preliminary employee agreement with Von Tiffany Village and Kenny`s Pond retirement homes. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has begun resuming negotiations with the provincial government to renew the contract. CUPE had expressed concern about the agreement and had raised concerns about pension benefits. Osborne says he expects to be able to return to the table with CUPE in the coming weeks. “I will continue to look after them in good faith,” Osborne said. In a press release, NAPE said it would meet with representatives of the bargaining unit to determine the next steps. The union represents more than 120 workers at the two Saint John establishments. Finance Minister Tom Osborne says it is good news to set aside most bargaining units, as the next steps are too early for prison officers. Note: All pdfs at the bottom left are PDFs and open in a new window. We are sorry that you will need to be at least 19 years old to consume this content.

“We need to give NAPE and its leaders time to engage with this specific negotiating unit. Then we`ll sit down with NAPE, discuss what happened there and what happened next,” he said. The Newfoundland and Labrador Public and Private Workers Association (NAPE) says 78 per cent of its members voted in favour of a two-year contract extension with the provincial government. Correction officers were the only bargining unit to refuse the agreement. Below are copies of existing collective agreements or declarations of intent involving the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The results show that 15 out of 16 bargaining units supported the extension, which involves a 4 percent pay increase over the next 18 months.

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