North West Shelf State Agreement

(ii) a declaration of all commitments made by the joint venture with respect to the sale of gas (with the exception of the gas covered in the trapum (3) of that clause) outside of Western Australia, known or likely to be reasonably made within the following 12 months. LNG contracts refer to joint ventures and liquefied natural gas purchase agreements of July 3, 1985 by each LNG company, which vary from time to time; “First Priority Gas”: a sufficient supply of proven natural gas in licensed areas to provide the balance on the date of the breakdown of the PJ 3023 PJ which is the subject of the Commission`s contracts and whose balance has been the subject of the agreements covered in paragraphs (i) – vi) of the definition of aggregation contracts at the time of the breakdown; (i) to sell natural gas to each of the replacement purchasers concerned under these conditions, including price, and under the terms that can be agreed between the domgas joint ventures and any other alternative purchaser, to each of the replacement purchasers concerned, in accordance with the agreements covered in paragraphs (i) to vi); The North West Shelf Venture, located in northwestern Western Australia, is the largest resource development project in Australia. It includes oil extraction (mainly natural gas and condensate) on offshore production platforms, onshore processing and export of liquefied natural gas, and the production of natural gas for industrial, commercial and domestic use within the state. “disintegration contracts”, the first-priority gas sales and purchase agreements entered into by each Domgas joint venture as a seller and by multiple replacement buyers as purchasers, which vary from time to time and were concluded by each Domgas joint venture at the time of the breakdown agreement (for a maximum term of 12 years) , with: (i) the sale of natural gas that was acquired by Gas Corporation as gas purchased by Gas Corporation pursuant to the agreement. in accordance with paragraph (iii) the definition of disaggregated contracts in Clause 1 or a Domgas joint venture (to the extent that this gas is removed from the licence areas); or (b) the agreements covered in paragraph (i) – (vi) regarding the definition of disintegration contracts covered in paragraph 4, paragraph 1; and the decline in NWS`s supply in 2020 has been known since 2014, when the Barnett government revised the agreement with the North West Shelf.

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