Railway Land Licensing Agreement

The date of termination or renewal of the contract must always be the end of the fiscal year, in order to avoid confusion and to ensure better observation in the event of a renewal. Approximately 25 of Concor`s 64 CFS/ICDs, including the flagship plant in Tughlakabad, near Delhi, operate on land leased by Indian Railways at concessional market prices. Until March, the basic licence fee for Concor`s lease was $1,175 per unit of 20-foot equivalent (TEU) charged. In the GJ20, the basic tax was about 140 Us-Euro. The lease fees for the railway lands leased to CONCOR must be linked to the re-occupancy, as planned. The fee is checked once every 5 years. (card letter 88/LML/13/63 dt. 26.12.94 and dt. 13.3.90 and 25.9.91) (Annexure-L-XI and XI-A) (ii) privacy in relation to the proposed construction on land adjacent to the railway border, which is entrusted to the railway authorities at least 90 days before construction begins. 6.0 Guidelines for house building by PSUs on railway land. n) Any AEN section engineer will be fully aware of the available land (including commercial areas) under his jurisdiction and will present, in accordance with the most recent circulars and instructions, appropriate town planning plans for the most cost-effective use of available land.

3.1 Licensing of land/railway constructions to charities/private schools Some control of the railways over the operation of this organisation must be included in licensing agreements for charities and schools, in order to ensure the interest of railway staff, and regular monitoring is also required. b) Permission of land for the installation of pipeline lines, sewer lines, etc., to the state government and local authorities may be approved by G.M. with the agreement of THE FA-CAO. However, for other agencies, approval from the railway board of directors would be required. c) The 1976 oil regulations stipulate that plans or plans for all new oil storage or storage changes must be signed by the receiving authority in the form of an authorization. Work on a storage facility or storage shed should not be permitted on or near railway land unless plans or work plans duly signed by the receiving authority have been received in the offices of the Divisional Director and Divisional Engineers. Limit of the Rs. 1 lakh mentioned in Para 1041E increased to Ls.

5 Lakhs in cases of abandonment of the railways to central/state governments. Land management policy (leasing/licensing railways, land abandonment and reforestation) New Delhi: The railway ministry`s new land-licensing policy will soon receive cabinet advice that could pave the way for the privatization of PSU Concor railways, said a government source ET Now. The royalty is 6% of the market value of the land and 12% for the area actually covered. ET Now had previously indicated that the Department of Finance had made proposals to the cabinet secretary to significantly relax land licensing standards to soften the pious sale process. Cooperative fishing companies are subject to the safety of the railways by all financial interests and according to the dominant market rate. Railways may use public auctions or open tenders in the absence of such a company. Licensing fee, which must be fixed on performance in accordance with FA- CAD. Fishing rights may be allowed for one to five years. Appropriate licensing agreement to be executed with the parties prior to the surrender of the lease/tank well possession. Special guard of Engg official inspectors.

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