What Is A Karmic Agreement

First of all, and crucial to understand, it is your choice to stay in all reports or not to do so. The more you nodded with the first comments at the beginning of this blog post, the more you are already thinking about this issue. A karmic contract is a contract to which our Higher Self commits during or before entering into this current life. It is to teach us lessons that will help our souls grow. That`s all we want, but also fear, and so it has qualities both soul mate and karmic relationship. “But you also have to remember that your soul offers karmic experiences to others you may not know, and sometimes you get the lesson, and sometimes you teach the lesson of the soul,” she says. Have you ever noticed how you meet people who cause the same problems in your life? These problems are not fortuitous; That`s what you need to learn. While the term “karmic relationship” is not a clinical term, the characteristics are similar to other known relationships. Well, what is shared negative karma? This means that both souls have generally made one or more decisions in previous incarnations that have caused negative karma with a specific low-frequency energy statement, such as addiction, impeachment, doubt, trauma, shame, guilt, etc…….

They call him. Karma is called shared negative karma because both souls participated in the specific choice that created this negative karma. And that`s not necessarily a positive thing. A karmic relationship means that these souls met earlier, in earlier incarnations, often in many earlier incarnations. When we talk about relationships, we cover not only romantic or family relationships, but also friendships and business relationships. However, the enormous challenges that can be posed by karmic relationships most often focus on romantic relationships. Because of this mechanism, the contracts of souls actually lead to a new separation of the source (the universe, the essence, the infinity, God, etc…. They call it) for both partners.

And it is neither positive nor appropriate, because we all have direct access to the vital energy of the source at all times. If this direct access is not used, there will be a new source separation. And that`s what doesn`t make soul contracts positive at all. No one should be aiming for a mechanism that leads to a new source separation. Instead, we should all strive to obtain our vital energy directly from the source (it is there in abundance for every living being!), the union and unity that is the universal law. Karmic treaties are the conditions or agreements of the soul in which we were born in this life and which are often unconsciously regarded as a destiny, although our higher self has accepted it. Of course, anything that is forced or seems imposed on us (because we are not aware of our agreements before the lifespan) will not be the most comfortable experience of life. In fact, the lessons you learn from these passionate but volatile relationships are what moves you forward when you forge new partnerships.

In this way, karmic relationships are like guides or teachers. And in general, they`re temporary. “They`re supposed to help you grow at the soul level in often difficult push-pull ways,” says Shannon Kaiser, author of The Self-Love Experiment.

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