What To Do When A Parent Violates A Custody Agreement

Do you suffer every day from your child`s lack? Is your child in the head at night and you can`t sleep because it hurts? Are you at work and can`t focus on the sadness that strikes you? Half the time my son`s mother doesn`t go back when I try to see him. No, I`m not a bad father, I help with a lot of other things about child care. The only time I feel good is with my son. I never help with all my driving on my dime. I go every day with a hole in my heart. What are you going to tell me? Many men do all this in their time. And many more men would like to do all this if the woman entrusted them with the children 50/50. But that`s not how the system works. Sometimes women stop them, because if they see what family allowances would be (when they decide not to work), they say, “Oh no, I couldn`t live off that! I need full custody.¬†And then spend the next few years, but many years not taking care properly their children, not working, violating parental leave of the father, controlling, holding, meeting large medical reserves of family withdrawal in February (with senseless medical visits), etc.

All during the game of martyrdom. Some women do not allow that men are parents and then like to say that they simply do so. And all this, while he is coming back more and more for Child Support, medical care, etc., when he is not working at all, but he does not care that he has to live at the level of poverty and that he can barely afford to have them and do things with them. Want to know why most women don`t give father (who want) 50/50 guard? The fact is that you, woman like you, can play “I do all the card”. And that`s mostly because you all know that you get a lot of the overrated child care you get and you don`t spend on children. I asked for 50/50 shifts to custody, and she told me that it would mean that it would halve her child support and that she could not live. Is it my fault that she pays $2,200 a month in rent, drives an Audi Q7, likes to shop in luxury stores? No, that`s not it. But she`s the first one to throw all the horses you`ve tied up here. It`s sad and pathetic. Most of us dad were involved in our child lives before a divorce took place and treated all of those mentioned above. If physical custody is granted, even if it may shock my son for a while, it will work. If wrong, I am a mother and I have done wrong…

My ex is a stupid meth head. Pull my innocent daughter out of my arms, and if I take her, he`ll use his body as a weapon against me. My daughter still wants to stay with me, but she had a way of saying Mom stops coming to see us. His red eyes filled with panic, sadness and scissor terror. This image is burning in my head. I can`t get away with it. All I want is to protect my little girl from this madman, but I can`t repair the damage that has already been done to my daughter. As far as I`m concerned, I`ll still have PTSD for the rest of my life. I don`t see people like that anymore. I no longer trust humanity.

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