Yemen Ceasefire Agreement

Yemen`s government and southern separatist forces have agreed to a ceasefire and will begin talks on implementing an earlier peace agreement, according to a Saudi-led military coalition fighting the Houthi rebels. However, the Southern Transitional Separatist Council (STC) declared autocracy in April and the two sides fought in the south, compliing with UN efforts to establish a lasting ceasefire for the entire conflict. The coalition will send observers to Abyan to respect the ceasefire and the separation of powers, he said. Danish General Michael Anker Lollesgaard is now to succeed Cammaert, who the United Nations says is only one month in office. Further steps are envisaged under the Hodeidah agreement, but full redeployment – which was supposed to happen within 21 days – is the hurdle that needs to be crossed first. The Saudi-led coalition embroiled in a years-long conflict in Yemen has announced that Emirati-backed southern separatists and the country`s internationally recognized government have agreed to a ceasefire after months of infighting. Al-Hadharmi`s remarks came after an official member of the Yemeni government`s agreement implementation team, identified as Mohammed Al-Sulihi, was assassinated by Houthi militants on 11 March. While there has been a decrease in fighting – and an all-out assault on Hodeidah has been put on pause – both sides have had the other accuse of multiple violations of the ceasefire. A monitoring mission approved by the UN Security Council on 16 January is still not fully in force to verify these allegations. But the negotiations failed a few days later without agreement.

Further discussions are planned for this month. “The [coalition] aggression to announce a ceasefire was just another sleight of hand,” he added. In December 2018, the Iranian-backed Houthi group and the UN-led Saudi-led coalition signed an agreement in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, to end the violence in Hudaydah and handed over control to local Yemeni coastguard units responsible for protecting ports. The Red Sea city is an important gateway to the delivery of aid to the war-torn country. The proposal calls for a ceasefire in Abyan province and the lifting of the emergency rule by the STC and the forking of its troops out of Aden. A unilateral two-week ceasefire called by the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen has come into effect. Before Stockholm, there was talk of a prisoner exchange – Griffiths told the UN Security Council that he was “on the verge of reaching an agreement on this issue” in November, even before the talks were safe. Then the prisoner exchange became part of the Stockholm Agreement, which stipulated that the parties agreed to an “executive mechanism for the activation of the prisoner exchange agreement.” STC spokesman Nizar Haitham welcomed the coalition`s calls for a ceasefire and de-escalation in southern Yemeni governorates. In a statement, he stressed the urgent need to implement the Riyadh agreement and thanked Saudi Arabia for its diplomatic role. A US-backed, Saudi-led coalition intervened the following year to try to restore Hadi`s rule. The costly war has stalemate, forcing major regional players to seek a way out. This spring, Saudi Arabia declared a unilateral ceasefire that quickly collapsed.

“Needs are increasing, not down,” said NRC`s Begum. “And the Hodeidah agreement hasn`t had any significant effect on the overall humanitarian situation in Yemen. Hodeidah is part of the puzzle – we need the agreement to stay — but so far, even now, it will take much longer to transform a very serious humanitarian situation. The December 15 ceasefire began at the same time as the UN-brokered talks to end the conflict in Yemen. Griffiths defended the Hodeidah agreement last week as a “generalist” and said that “initially emittimelines were quite ambitious” given the “complex situation on the ground.” But with headlines that describe the agreement as `wobbly`, `fragile`, even `failing`, here`s a deeper look at what was agreed, what happened

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